Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire Special

Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire
1959 Sprint

The Armstrong Siddeley will be another long term project, what we have at the 
moment are all the components for a running rolling chassis but no body work.

The history of this vehicle is still under investigation but from what we know it left the factory as a standard
 Star Sapphire and it's first owner was Barclays Bank till September 1962.
Then some time before 1967 probably as a result of accident damage 
it was converted and registered as open sports / sprint  
now with the engine moved rearwards approximately 18" and 6" cut off the front end of the chassis.
Our vehicle was built in 59 unfortunately the company was sold in 1960 and all car production ceased.

Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire Specification

                 Engine: 6-cylinder petrol ohv 3.9-litre producing 35-hp or 165-bhp
                 Gearbox: Borg Warner Automatic incorporating fluid torque converter
                 Weight: 35-cwt / 1778-kgs
                 Maximum speed 110-mph/185-kph
              Standard model Star Sapphire 1959
January 2021


Distributor overhauled with new bearing, points, condenser, rota and cap. Rocker cover cleaned and painted with new nuts made . Cylinder head sent off for cleaning and crack testing if ok new valve seats will be machined in.

December 2020

Both Strombergh carbs have been cleaned and painted

Water pump has been stripped and apart from a clean and paint 
will require a new seal and bearing.

Also being cleaned and painted this month are the rocker cover 
and the 6 spark plug tubes.

November 2020

Head has been stripped and cleaned , valve seats and inlet valves will have to be replaced
Distributor has been cleaned and unseized, will convert to electronic at a later date.
Both carbs are being cleaned and repainted and all the linkages are being re-plated

October 2020  
Engine strip down started , piston seized and old oil congealed every where else.
Hopefully a good clean, hone of the bores, rings and gaskets will sort out. 


September 2020

As we found it in friends collection awaiting a little TLC and some body work !


September 2010

As seen at Beaulieu Auto Jumble September 2010