BSA WD Charging Unit

B.S.A 300w Charging Set

Military charging set used for re-charging battery for radios.
Engine: B.S.A. 4-stroke side valve single of 100cc
Generator: Service Type producing 30v D.C. 10amps.

Illustration from the Military Handbook

*     *     *
September 2020

Complete overhaul and rebuild


When this engine was put into storage with the M.O.D. it was already broken.
Due to lack of oil changes causing the piston rings to seize. 
New B.S.A. rings are near impossible to find so a set of Royal Enfield ones 
were found to be same size.
All gaskets had to be made and after a good clean up, re-grind of the valves
and new rings the engine now runs at the governed speed of 2200-rpm 
generating 30 volts for battery charging once more.

*     *     * 
June 2020


As the set arrived untouched for many a year
June 2020