A.J.S. 16MC

A.J.S. 16MC 1949

Engine 350cc ohv single 4-stroke
Gearbox Burman 4-speed

Built by A.J.S. as a trials bike in 1949.
Found as a basket case by our friend Ron Heel 
and bought for him by his wife Eileen in 1985.
Restored by Ron and put back on the road in 1987.
Following Ron's death in 2008 the machine passed into our keeping
and is still M.O.T. and on the road.

With the fitting of a larger rear sprocket and motocross tyres, 
the bike has competed in the
Red Marley Freak Hill Climb
 since 2010 and hopefully will at more events to come. 

A.J.S. 16mc Engine for this year hairspring
valves where fitted.

History of our A.J.S. at
 The Red Marley Hill Climb

In the paddock Red Marley Hill Climb 2010
Front number plate removed and ballended levers fitted for safety at the event.

Red Marley Hill Climb 2010 
47 seconds to the top very sticky mud all the way.

Bigger sprocket of 51 teeth up from the standard 
32 teeth now fitted for 2011.

Red Marley Hill Climb 2011 
40 seconds to the top this years course a dust bowl.

Link below ,the run that didn't quiet make the top in 2011.


Taking 2nd place in semi final at Red Marley 2012.
Photo by Mike Melstrom 

Results for Red Marley Hill Climb 2012
Pre-50 Rigid Class:
(1) Joe Priestley (1931 490 Norton)  29.42 
  (2) Malcolm Russell (1929 500 Ariel)  29.87 
    (3) Andy Smith (1948 500 Matchless)  37.16
  (4) Sean Walsh (1947 350 AJS)         46.87

Slow and steady and we got 4th !!!!!!!
And a very nice crystal tumbler.

Red Marley Hill Climb cancelled for 2013.
Due to ground being too water logged for vehicle access. 
Gutted !!!!!!!!! 

Photo by Photographic Memories UK.
Arbuthnot Trial 73 miles through the countryside around Salisbury
September 2013

 While cleaning up the bike after the Arbuthnot Trial a large flat spot was found on the front wheel rim.  New rim made up and fitted over Christmas 2013.

Red Marley 2015
Got through to the second round of the under 350 class with time of 40.19 seconds.
Photograph by Joe Tinley.

Red Marley 2017
Knocked out in first round of the under 350 class, running slower than last year.
Photograph by Eloise Corbett. 

Red Marley 2018
Hill was so wet this year a riders vote was taken
 to see if anyone actually wanted to compete !!
Three runs at the Hill never got more than 5 yards passed the Pimple
 due to the conditions.

Red Marley 2019
This year the weather was dry and sunny , perfect conditions.
First 2 practise runs a failure just yards from the
 top due as it turned out to muck in the fuel lines.
The course marshals kept practise open which allowed me to complete 2 more practise runs after, we had cleared the fuel lines. 
With the clutch now dragging for unknown reasons a successful run was completed in my heat coming in third, not fast enough to progress to the next round but a very successful weekend.
Red Marley 2019
Photo by Eloise Corbett