D.O.T. Overhaul 2013/2014

Our D.O.T. has temporary moved to Mike's garage to give more space over the winter to allow the restoration of the Ariel Square 4. Mike then decided she needed a tidy up and so the process of overhauling her began.

It is not the intention to completely restore her, just rectify the years of neglect and abuse inflicted on the old girl.

Jobs identified that need doing:Replace front and rear wheel bearings
                                             Steering head bearings
                                             Replacement of all control cables
                                             Chain and sprockets
                                             Primary chain
                                             Remake engine plates
                                             Remake/replace footrests
                                             Replace nuts and bolts with correct length and thread pitch 
                                             (metric and imperial bolts are used on D.O.T. Motorcycles )

Front wheel new bearing fitted but was found to be missing spacers and 2 wheel/hub locking nuts !!!

Rear sprocket carrier with bearings which broke up on removal.

Engine and frame being reunited
January 2014

New wheel nuts turned up on the lathe.
1st attempt as thread size is not right !!