Dodge Weapons Carrier


Dodge Weapons Carrier WC51 1944 

       General Data:
        Engine Dodge T214 6-Cylinder side valve petrol 
        Capacity 230 cubic inch or approximately 3.7 Litres producing 92.bhp
          Gearbox 4-speed forward 1-reverse with transfer box giving either
        2 or 4 wheel drive .
        Weight 5550lbs (2 1/2 ton approx) carrying capacity 1800lbs (3/4 ton)

        Between 1942 to 1945 over 250,000 examples were produced in the U.S.A. in various body types:
 Weapons Carrier, Ambulance, Command Car, Telephone Maintenance, Carryall .
        Ours was produced in 1944. Its war time record is unknown. She was refurbished by the Austrian 
        Armed Forces in 1951 and fitted we believe with cable laying equipment for phone lines.
        Disposed of some time in the late 80's early 90's. Then in 1994 she was bought  
        from an Austrian dealer as part exchange for a Studebaker truck and driven to Sussex, England, 
        Purchased by us in November 1994.
        With a tidy-up she past an MOT and was registered in 1995.
        In 2003 a full restoration was carried out 
        (it was just going to be a repaint of the chassis but these things escalate)
        Returning to the road in 2005.

        Markings are from 2nd Division who were part of British 14th Army serving in Burma during WW-2

As bought in Sussex on a cold and rainy November day 1994

Under the wing of The Battle of Britain Flight Lancaster 
at Biggin Hill sometime in the late 1990's

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May 2020

Overhaul of oil filter and welding of patch behind spare wheel


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 With Alice the kettle is always on.


Alice at Bushy Park for Chestnut Sunday 2012 
Helping to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.

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At this years M.O.T. while Alice was up on the ramp it was noticed that the inside tyre faces 
where showing bad crazing and cracks. Not a test failure this year but only going to get worse.
Phone call to Stuart and a new set of rubber on way from Belgium for collection at Beltring.

New Tyres
New tyres fresh from Belgium supplied by Rudi via Stuart and Beltring
Collected on Sunday fitted on Alice and back at Beltring by Thursday.

Our 2011 purchase at Beltring
 a spare wheel help keep the sun off the new rubber.  
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2003 Restoration Photos

Lots of bits make a Dodge Truck

Chassis is painted, now can be put back together

Engine Gearbox back in. 

Rear body back into garage for new floor and repaint