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Walsh Family Vehicle Collection

This site is a display of the Walsh Family's Vehicles.
 We have a small collection of vehicles, mainly motorcycles.
 Our aim is to see all our vehicles working while still retaining as much of their originality and history as possible.
We hope you find them interesting.

If you want, you can submit a comment and we'll try to get back to you.
Or contact us at: mail@wfvc.co.uk

All photographs are by the Walsh family unless otherwise credited.
 Copyright info is here.
Clicking most of the pictures will bring up a much bigger version.

Enjoying the sun but suck at home because of COVID-19 

September 2020
Officially registered for use on UK roads

                                                 Armoured Triumph
            WO /3-SW
                                                        Armoured Triumph           copyright owned
                                                      by photographer        John Blackman

Bar-None M.C.C. Badge of 
Lieutenant Arthur Holifield

Having her paint work refreshed 

Norwegian M-52 Bicycle.
March 2020

B.S.A. WD/M20  Transport to work

69 KL 00 Ex-22.SAS Motorcycle 
Arrived June 2019