Visiting Machines

A.J.S. 16/M 1953 belonging to Chas needed sorting to return to the road .
Re-build clutch , re-bore & piston and various other small jobs

Feb to March 2020

Richard's Bultaco engine crankcases
 having the bearings pressed out
July 2014.

B.S.A. Bantam D10 
Was owned by Andrea now sold to Mike we are assisting with the rebuild.
 March 2013

Mike's A.J.S. 1949 500cc  Model 49/18
Various parts of this bike were worked on over the winter of 2012/13 in our workshop.
This is it now ready for The Red Marley 
March 2013

            Mike's A.J.S.49/18 all legal and on the road for the first time August 2013

Kieran's Matchless WD G-3L 1943
Having the top end checked over

            Paul D's Matchless WO-G3 1939 
                        As it started 2009

Jason's Matchless G80 1949
The start of it's resurrection 2008.