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Honda XR250

Honda XR250 
69 KL 00

As we collected June 2019
XR-250 used as an outrider 
as part of an S.A.S. patrol during the first Gulf War
                                    Engine: 249cc Air cooled OHC 4-stroke single
                                                 producing 30hp @ 8,000rpm.
                                    Gearbox: 6-speed
                                    Weight: standard civilian spec 108kg

            Honda XR250 was originally sold as an off road machine, the version used by                 British Armed Forces was modified from a European specification machine by                 Honda dealers in the UK.
         To allow it to be used on the road the wiring system was modified to incorporate:
         brake lights on the front and rear brakes
         headlight fitted with high and low beam
         electric horn
         ignition switch removed and replaced by an engine kill switch
         provision for indicators ( not always fitted ).
        A full set of Acrebis plastics were also fitted giving greater clearance on the                    mudguards a larger fuel tank and brush guards to protect handlebar controls.
        Bright red Honda seat replaced with plain khaki version. 
        As well as a simple rear carrier.
        Speedometer is in kilometres showing evidence of the machines European origins.
What we know so far
                                1994    Purchased by the British Army
                                199?    Joined 22-S.A.S
                      13/01/2000    Cast by the M.O.D. ( wearing it's beige paint job )
                      06/06/2000    Sold at British Car Auctions Newport Wales
                      15/06/2019    Joined the collection after 3 previous owners  

*    *    *
June 2020

Kick starter broke original Honda starter sourced from Lings
As bike has been with us 12 months now and covered 300 km. oil and filter change performed as well as a general check over and lubrication.

*    *    *

 October 2019

     Progress over the last 2 months has been productive both front and rear brake pads       have been replaced and a set of original Honda handle bars sourced via a 
     Facebook  group. 
     While we had the handle bars off the head bearings were checked and found to be
     showing signs of rust so they were replaced and the headlight was up graded to a
     halogen bulb.
     The bike had been stored outside with little usage for the previous 5 years before          we purchased it and as such damp had attacked the exhaust silencer , this become
     evident after a 50 mile ride one Sunday with multiple holes appearing that morning.
     Much welding later we have a sealed system once again.
Before and after.

*    *    *

Arival of our Honda XR250 June 2019

        Initial inspection of the bike in our workshop concluded that for the moment
      the plan was to be returning it to road going condition, researching the history 
      and leaving the cosmetic issues undisturbed as far as possible.
      The bike was serviced with engine oil, filters, spark plug, brake fluids, chain and 
      sprockets being replaced. The fuel system was cleaned out and with a few solid
      kicks it fired back into life.

      In early July 2019 it was taken for an M.O.T. which with the addition of a reflector 
      to the rear number plate it passed!

      Next jobs to undertake are the replacement of the head bearings and brake pads
      also the handle bars are bent so genuine Honda bars have been ordered form
      Europe and sourcing of the correct dessert paint, it has two different beige colours 
      over the top of the original army green.

      The bike rides well on the road with good acceleration and braking and has covered
      40 km this month.
  *    *    *   
As it was in 2013