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Matchless G3/WO

                                                                       Matchless G3/WO 1940 Christina
                                                                         Photograph Copyright Russell Lobjoit

            Matchless G3/WO (Model G3 War Office Specification) 
            Produced in this the late production form between 1939/42 with some 18,500 examples made.
            Based on the 1930's G3 Clubman's model which gave good  performance on the road,
            not so good off road owing to its weight and lack of ground clearance.
            Specification: Engine 347cc ohv Single 4-stroke 
                                  Gearbox Burman 4-speed with low ratios on 1st and 2nd
            Our bike was built as one of a pair from parts collected from auto jumbles and through friends, with
            both frames and engines coming from batches of parts imported back from Egypt over a period of about 
            8 years. Pegasus, rebuilt by our friend Ron Heel, reached the road first in 1997 with Christina finally
            catching up in 2001. Both bikes have been ridden to France.
            Christina is marked as C Squadron 11 Troop 43rd Reconnaissance part of the 43rd Wessex Division.

                           Christina at War on the Line 2004

  Christina off to the M.O.T. 2008 Head light is blacked out for the test 
as it will not pass on it's lighting due to lack of dip switch .
The light is left on dip beam permanently as the original wiring was and 
with a 6-volt halogen bulb is the brightest headlight of all the WD 
machines we have .

Chestnut Sunday Parade Bushy Park 2009 With Alec's B.S.A. M20 and Kevin's
Daimler Ferret MK1 in the background
 Photograph Copyright Albert Budd

Re-bore on Christina after the 2009 run to France

Normandie France 2014

June 2014 Matchless WO/G3 and BSA/M20 
spent a week travelling the beaches and lanes of Normandy.