Bren Gun Mark 1

Bren Gun Mk1

The mark1 version that the motorcycle was armed with weighs 23lbs(10.43kg)
is 45.5 inches (1.155m) long with a 28 round magazine.
The gun has a fire rate of between 450-550 rounds per minute 
and is accurate to 600 yards.

On the rear of the motorcycle is a standard Bren magazine box containing 
12 magazines of 28 rounds of .303 ammunition a second magazine box
could have been carried on the rear carrier.
The spare barrel and tools to service and clean the gun are carried 
in the box attached to the left hand side fork leg.

.303 round

Some of the spare parts and cleaning kit for the Bren Gun.
Carried in the box attached to left side of front forks.

After much haggling a Mk1 Bren has been acquired
 with the early dove tail fitting below the magazine.
May 2014