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M72-M 1956

 Маленькая Алиса  
   ( Little Alice )        

                    As the advert showed her June 2012
                                     Photography by J. Borowski

        Specification: Engine 746cc flat-twin  4-stroke  side valve producing 22-hp

            Gearbox: 4-speed forward with 1 reverse gear
                                        ( original gearbox had no reverse )
               Weight Dry: 350kgs / 770lbs with sidecar
                   Electrics 6 volt positive earth.
                         Crew of 3 with a top speed of 85kmh / 52mph

                                 Built in the U.S.S.R. in 1956 

Little Alice joined us in June 2012 after answering an advert on Ebay. 
Running , registered  and with an  M.O.T. we just had to play with her.
But with old motorcycles life is never that simple
 and Russian build quality has to be seen to be believed .


   Over the winter 2012/13 we are undertaking a major overhaul of the whole 
   machine and fitting of the later reverse gear equipped gearbox.


November 2012 both barrels need re-boring and play found in the 
big end on left hand con rod .
December 2012 barrels and crankshaft sent via Jerry to Poland for
re-bore , new pistons and overhaul of the crankshaft.

DP-28 Mounted for Overlord Show May 2013

              Snow chains and short shovels.
                 Lingfield Show August 2013

M72 along side Martin's Wehrmacht marked Ural
Eastbourne Air-show  July 2013

Gearbox end casing showing broken support for the first motion shaft.
Trying to track down a replacement gearbox or new cover. 
June 2015

Another gearbox was sourced via Ebay from the Ukraine over the summer of 2015.
Total of 3 gearboxes have now been fitted so far !

December 2018

Another strip down of the engine to replace the parts we should have spent the extra money doing in 2012
All new valves and camshaft as the points cam part was badly worn and damaged by past mechanics also fitted an engine breather which was missing and we weren't even aware should be fitted.