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Overhaul Photos 2013/2014

Left Side

All black inside was burning 
a lot of oil.

Overhauled crankshaft re-fitted still without rear oil flinger fitted or bearing housing.

Machining rear crank shaft bearing holder to take an oil seal

Some of the black stuff
 was once oil !!

Stripping down sidecar to replace torsion bar axle.

Combination of Chinese axle and original Russian axle being refitted. 

Final drive more oil on wheel 
than in drive unit.

Timing gears before clean up.

Oil pump viewed through sump.

Front of engine with crankshaft and new bearing fitted.

New rear crank bearing waiting to be pressed home.

Final drive having new bearings and seals, ready to go back together.

Side car torsion bar replacement 2016

First came the gas axe, then large lump of plate steel was welded on .

Chinese coin used to blank end of axle , must be worth less than a washer ?

Right Side

Very pitted bore.

Engine still in frame with original gearbox still attached.

Timing gears fitted and new gasket.

Left hand cylinder showing oil holes to aid cooling 

Carden drive all back togeather.

3 Blokes 1 gas axe, 2 sledge hammers a lot of words not repeatable in front of small children , IT'S OUT !!

On the way back together .