It's not just the toys you have, it's the box you need to keep them in and the tools to maintain them.
Here are a few pictures of both.

Our Southbend Model-A Lathe 9"
Supplied to Great Britain as War Aid and passed to us by Ron Heel.
How we would get by without it does not bear thinking about.

Link Here.

Our Draper 5/8" Drill Press which needs a good tidy
with our small screwpress behind.

The Toy Box

24th September 2011 our new milling machine joins us at the workshop.
Pictured above it's last home for 30 years Ron Flitcrofts shed/machine shop
a Zenith high speed vertical mill built in the 1940s.
To get this 1030lbs of antique cast iron into place a total redesign of our 
workshop is needed , still keeps us busy.

With much sweating and swearing she fits in the corner.
Thanks Jason for the use of your van and much needed muscle.
Now we just need to learn how to use it.

Link Here.

Ural M72 rear crankshaft bearing housing
Machining to allow fitment of an oil seal replacing original felt seal.
December 2012